From the Glorious Revolution to the Second World War

1707: Creation of the United Kingdom with the inclusion of Ulster (Northern Ireland)

1714: Accession of George I

1756-1763: The Seven Years War

1760: Accession of George III

1776: Declaration of Independence of the United States of America

1783: The Treaty of Paris officially recognizes the independence of the American colonies

1837: Accession of Queen Victoria

1841: Opening of the London-Brighton railroad line

1845-1851: The Great Famine in Ireland

1848: Founding of the Pre-Raphaelite Brotherhood

1851: The Universal Exposition draws six million visitors to the Crystal Palace in London

1854-1856: The Crimean War against Russia

1877: Victoria adds Empress of India to her titles

1878: Invention of the telephone by the Scotsman Alexander Graham Bell

1899-1902: The Boer War

1901: Death of Queen Victoria

1914-1918: First World War

1931: Creation of the Commonwealth

1939: Outbreak of the Second World War