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© Musée Alphonse Georges Poulain, Vernon

Vernon, Musée Alphonse-Georges Poulain

© Musée du Louvre - Marie-Alice Seydoux-Loiseau

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Frederick William MacMonnies & Mary Fairchild-MacMonnies, deux artistes américains à Giverny, Musée A.G. Poulain, Vernon, 1988, n° 10 c.

MACMONNIES, Frederick William

Brooklyn, New York, 1863 - New York, New York, 1937

Chevaux Domptés, dit aussi Triomphe de l'Esprit sur la Force
The Horse Tamers, also known as Triumph of Mind over Brute Force




Two sculptures:
H: 1, 56 m.; W: 1, 42 m.; P: 0, 85 m.;
H: 1, 63 m.; W: 1, 65 m.; P: 0, 85 m.

Vernon, Musée Alphonse-Georges Poulain

Signed lower right on the base: MacMonnies (left-hand sculpture). Signed lower left on the base: MacMonnies (right-hand sculpture).




From 1865 to 1900


Donated by Edward Tuck to the national collections, 1931.
Musée du Jeu de Paume.
Musée National d'Art Moderne, 1946.
Loaned to the city of Savigny sur Orge, 1954.
First inscribed in the national inventory in 1954.
Rediscovered by the scholar Adina Gordon in 1987.
Loaned to the Musée A.G. Poulain, in Vernon, in 1989.


A study for this sculpture exists in clay. A plaster cast was exposed in London in 1898 at the International Exposition of sculptors, painters, and engravers, organized by James MacNeill Whistler. The full-scale plaster proof was exposed at the Grand Palais in Paris on the occasion of the Exposition Universelle of 1900.

Related works

These works are bronze reductions of larger origjnals. The bronze originals of The Horse Tamers are installed in Prospect Park, Brooklyn, New York.


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